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Wed 26 June 2019

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A horrific discovery in a small town nestled high in the French Pyrenees begins to unravel a dark mystery that has been hidden for years. Commandant Martin Servaz starts investigating and soon discovers a dark story of madness and revenge.

Glacé: The Frozen Dead - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: French

Status: Running

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2017-01-10

Glacé: The Frozen Dead - Suo Gân - Netflix

Suo Gân (Welsh pronunciation: [sɨɔ ɡɑːn]) is a traditional Welsh lullaby written by an anonymous composer. It was first recorded in print around 1800 and the lyrics were notably captured by the Welsh folklorist Robert Bryan (1858–1920). The song's title simply means lullaby (suo = lull; cân = song).

Glacé: The Frozen Dead - In popular culture - Netflix

“Suo Gân”, as performed by James Rainbird and the Ambrosian Junior Choir directed by John McCarthy, is featured prominently in Steven Spielberg's 1987 film Empire of the Sun, where it is lip-synched by a young Christian Bale. It also appears, instrumentally, in the beginning of the 1991 movie Dutch. Welsh bass-baritone Bryn Terfel has performed this song in several of his Christmas concerts, most notably with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and on his 2000 album We'll Keep a Welcome. The rock band Savatage used the song as a base for their song “Heal My Soul” on the 1991 album Streets: A Rock Opera. Kathleen Battle performed this song with guitarist Christopher Parkening on their 1996 holiday album Angels' Glory. The men's choir Chanticleer covered the song for their 2001 album Christmas with Chanticleer (featuring Dawn Upshaw). Isobel Cooper (Izzy) performed this song on her 2002 album New Dawn. The pipes and drums of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards covered the song for their 2007 album Spirit of the Glen. The Vienna Boys' Choir features Suo Gân (entitled “Suo-Gan”) on the 2003 The Christmas Album. It is on The Irish Tenors album Home for Christmas. In the hymn book Songs of Praise (1931) Hymn 380 is set to Suo-Gan (Welsh Traditional Melody). The Voceversa, a cappella vocal group from Biella in Piedmont north western Italy, features Suo Gân (entitled “Suo-Gan”) on the 2008 album entitled Voceversa. The hymn “Christ Before Us” (1990) is set to the Suo Gân tune by Janèt Sullivan Whitaker, published by OCP Publications, Portland, Oregon. It is featured in the last episode of the anime Black Butler season 2, where it is sung by the demon maid Hannah Anafeloz to the show's protagonist, Ciel Phantomhive. Welsh-born Australian Siobhan Owen recorded “Suo Gân” on her 2016 album Entwined and her 2008 album Purely Celtic. The song is used during the end credits of the 2016 French TV series Glacé (The Frozen Dead), arranged and conducted by Alexandre Lessertisseur and sung by the Sofia Session Choir. The song is sampled at 2:58 in as part of musician Rostam's song Gwan.

Glacé: The Frozen Dead - References - Netflix


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