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Wed 19 June 2019

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A Martian crash-lands on Earth and is taken in by young newspaper reporter Tim O'Hara. Disguised asTim's Uncle Martin, he attempts to repair his ship and keep himself out of trouble. But Tim's nosy landlady, Mrs. Brown, takes a liking to Uncle Martin, which complicates things, as does Uncle Martin's tendency to use his Martian powers at the wrong time.

My Favorite Martian - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1963-09-29

My Favorite Martian - Susanne Cramer - Netflix

Susanne Cramer (3 December 1936 – 7 January 1969) was a German film and television actress. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and died in Hollywood, California, of pneumonia, at age 32.

My Favorite Martian - Selected filmography - Netflix

Winter in the Woods (1956) The Night of the Storm (1957) Holiday Island (1957) Kindermädchen für Papa gesucht (1957) The Copper (1958) Voyage to Italy, Complete with Love (1958) Drei Mann in einem Boot (1961) Bedtime Story (1964)

My Favorite Martian - References - Netflix


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