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Sat 22 June 2019

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Set in 17th century colonial Massachusetts—a significant time in the history of American politics, religion and society— Salem brings you the real story behind the infamous witch trials. In Salem, witches are real, and they're behind it all. Salem Village and Salem Town feuded over property, grazing rights and church rights. The government was dominated by Puritan leaders. People were scrutinized closely and this resulted in obvious discord. They were afraid of being persecuted for anything that may offend the Puritan mindset. The word "witch" seemed an easy and appropriate curse hurled at someone who behaved abnormally.

Salem - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-04-20

Salem - Salem (American band) - Netflix

Salem (Stylized as S4LEM or SALEM) is an American band from Traverse City and Chicago, composed of vocalists John Holland and Heather Marlatt, and rapper Jack Donoghue. All three members also produce all of the band's music. The band's debut release, Yes I Smoke Crack, was released on Acéphale in 2008 - the EP sold out in pre-sales. Salem formed in Chicago in 2006, two years before the release of their first official EP. Their single “Asia” was featured in the fifth season of Skins. In 2010, the band released its first LP, King Night, on IAMSOUND Records. For its 2011 collection, Parisian fashion house Givenchy used the band's song “King Night” to open and close the runway show, selected by Riccardo Tisci. Their song “Trapdoor” was featured in the 2012 film The Place Beyond the Pines. Salem had been inactive since 2012, with no new releases since their 2011 EP 'I'm Still In The Night'. This lack of activity caused fans to question the status of the band, leading most to assume the band had ended. In July 2016, a new Salem album was announced via photographer Wolfgang Tillmans' Instagram account. The announcement did not mention Heather Marlatt as being involved with the band or production of the album, leading most to believe that she is no longer in the band. Salem officially returned with a remix of Make It Up As You Go Along by Wolfgang Tillmans on his Device Control EP.

Salem - Videography - Netflix

“Dirt” (2008) Directed by Salem and Bea Fremderman “Legend” (2009) Directed by Salem “Skullcrush” (2009) Directed by Salem and Bea Fremderman “Asia” (2010) Directed by Salem “Sick” (2011) Directed by Salem “King Night” (2011) Directed by Theo Wenner

Salem - References - Netflix


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