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Thu 20 June 2019

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Sidewalk Karaoke is an all new entertainment game show that literally hits the streets. It's the talent show that finds you with the chance of winning cold hard cash! Prizes start from \$100, with the grand prize of \$1000 up for grabs.

Sidewalk Karaoke - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-06-09

Sidewalk Karaoke - The Late Late Show with James Corden - Netflix

The Late Late Show with James Corden (also known as Late Late) is an American late-night talk show hosted by James Corden on CBS. It is the fourth and current iteration of The Late Late Show. Airing in the U.S. from Monday to Friday nights, it is taped in front of a studio audience Monday through Thursday afternoons – during weeks in which first-run episodes are scheduled to air – at CBS Television City in Los Angeles, California in Studio 56, directly above the Bob Barker Studio (Studio 33). It is produced by Fulwell 73 and CBS Television Studios. Corden was announced as the show's new host on September 8, 2014, succeeding Craig Ferguson. Originally scheduled to premiere on March 9, 2015, CBS later pushed back the premiere to March 23, 2015 so they could use the NCAA basketball tournament to promote Corden's debut. On April 4, 2017, it was confirmed that Corden would bring The Late Late Show to the UK for three special episodes taped at the Central Hall Westminster. It was the third time in the history of the programme that it aired from another country, with Ferguson taking his incarnation to Paris, France in 2011 and Scotland in 2012. Cordon announced that the show would once again film a week of shows in London from 18 June 2018.

Sidewalk Karaoke - Production - Netflix

Corden said he was “thrilled and honored” and found it “hugely exciting ... to host such a prestigious show”. CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler said in a statement that Corden is a warm, charming and original performer whose “diverse range of creative instincts and performance talent” make him a “rare entertainment force”. Tassler cited Corden's work in such media as theatre, film and television, and called him “loved and respected” in all of them. The show continues to be produced at CBS Television City in Los Angeles. Corden made a surprise guest appearance on predecessor Ferguson's programme on December 16, 2014, two days prior to Ferguson's last broadcast as host, during which the two briefly discussed Corden taking over the show. He also appeared on an episode hosted by Judd Apatow to job shadow, stating he wanted to “learn from his mistakes”. Unlike his predecessors, Corden's Late Late Show has a house band, nicknamed “Karen”, led by Reggie Watts who also acts as the show's announcer. Watts also performs as lead vocals, keyboards, beatboxing, and programmer. The other personnel in the band are Tim Young on lead guitars, Steve Scalfatti on keyboards, Hagar Ben Ari on bass, and Guillermo E. Brown on drums. The show's title sequence, which was supposed to be directed by J.J. Abrams, was filmed by the visual firm of Trollbäck + Company. Watts and the Late Late Show Band composed the theme song. According to a report in the Daily Mail: “Corden hopes the credits will show him riding a BMX bike around Los Angeles, with other on-screen talent joining him as he reaches the CBS studio.” The show's executive producers are Rob Crabbe and Ben Winston. The final product being James Corden and Reggie Watts going around LA in a Low Rider, LED bike, and some graphic and light painting with a Pixelstick. Trollbäck + Company put this statement below the video: “James Corden and Reggie Watts put the LA LA back into Late Late in a series fun vignettes filmed around Los Angeles for the identity of the new CBS Late Late Show. James originally wanted JJ Abrams to film him and Reggie scored to a Mark Ronson track. We were of course honored to take JJ's place as he was a bit busy filming a blockbuster! We managed to shoot everything in one night with LED bikes, a Lowrider, and a Pixelstick setting an eclectic visual tone for this experimental new show.” While an opening monologue is a staple of the late night talk show genre, Corden suggested initially that as he is not a stand-up comedian, he would also be using alternatives to the traditional joke-heavy monologue. However, the show has retained the monologue though it is shorter and not as important an element as the monologue on other late night shows. The show also uses an interview format similar to that of British chat show The Graham Norton Show, in which all of the night's guests appear on stage simultaneously. Guests do not walk on stage from the wings but emerge from the back of the studio and walk through the audience rows. As is more typical in British talk shows, the host sits to the left of the guests, a reversal of the traditional American layout. Corden also does not sit behind a desk, unlike other late night hosts, but in a swivel chair.

Sidewalk Karaoke - References - Netflix


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