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Thu 20 June 2019

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Three part documentary series following the work of the Greater Manchester Police Serious Sexual Offences Unit, combined with the Major Investigation Team. Running through the episodes is the lengthy investigation into historical accusations raised against Manchester radio disk jockey Ray Teret, a long time friend of Jimmy Saville. Alongside that case are examples of other sexual crime investigations in the Greater Manchester area.

The Detectives - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-05-17

The Detectives - Emil and the Detectives - Netflix

Emil and the Detectives (German: Emil und die Detektive) is a 1929 novel for children set mainly in Berlin, by the German writer Erich Kästner and illustrated by Walter Trier. It was Kästner's first major success, the only one of his pre-1945 works to escape Nazi censorship, and remains his best-known work, and has been translated into at least 59 languages. The most unusual aspect of the novel, compared to existing children's literature at the time, was that it was realistically set in a contemporary Berlin peopled with some fairly rough characters, not in a sanitized fantasy world; also that it refrained from obvious moralizing, letting the characters' deeds speak for themselves.

The Detectives - Sequel - Netflix

In the 1934 sequel Emil and the Three Twins, Emil and the other characters have various amusing adventures on the Baltic shore, two years after the Berlin events of the original book. It is partly based on Kästner's own experience of an idyllic holiday in the same location during the summer of 1914, cut short by the outbreak of World War I, and described poignantly in his autobiography, “When I was a Little Boy”. The second book did not become as well known as the first, in large measure due to its writing being shortly followed by the rise of the Nazis to power, when publication of Kästner's books in Germany was forbidden and existing books were subject to Nazi book burnings (the first Emil book was considered too popular and too harmless, thus escaping the ban).

The Detectives - References - Netflix


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